Outline on YMCA. 

YMCA Canada strong position profile is that YMCAs must demonstrate impact on individuals’ spirits, minds, and bodies while ensuring strong kids, families and communities. YMCAs must be valued contributor to communities and influence community relative to its strategic priorities. The YMCAs must has programs that enable members attain their personal goals and assist people to participate in the YMCA and demonstrate growth in participation over time. The YMCA has a culture of member involvement and has identified the audiences and has communication plans to address each audience.

It was founded in 1856 with the mission of providing personal growth opportunities in spirit, mind and bodies to people of all backgrounds, beliefs and abilities. The principles of the YMCA are caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. The association served about 28,000 children annually through childcare and camping at 16 childcare locations, 2 residential camps, summer day camps and after school programs (MacDonald, 2013, p 72). It provided 13,025 heath, fitness and recreation (HFR) memberships for adults and children in 5 branches. It made 2,994 assisted HFR memberships and 1,100 assisted camperships and also assisted 310 children in child care. In 2004, childcare contributed 38 percent of revenues, HFR contributed 27 percent and camping services contributed 16 percent. 90 percent of revenues was contributed by participation fees and programs. Programs contracts contributed 7 percent, ancillary 4 percent, United Way 1 percent, and annual donations 2 percent. There are plans for all senior managers to sign performance contracts on program quality and financial performance. Partnerships have been a critical strategy for long-term success in the attainment of participation of 102,000 individuals by 2010 (MacDonald, 2013, p 79).

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