outline on Onion.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Onion. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Onions in Texas: Onions, white or yellow, have an exceptional growth in Texas. Texas A&M has ranked onion as the “number one vegetable crop, contributing around $350 million annually to the state’s economy” (Hill, 2010). The climate of Texas is conducive for voluminous cultivation of all sorts of onion varieties that include but are not limited to the short-day, intermediate, and the long-day onion variety. Three cultivars that are the specialty of Texas among all varieties of onions cultivated in Texas are Granex onions, Texas Super-Sweet onions, and the Texas Grano 502 onions. 1. Granex onions: One of the most popular short-day varieties of onions that are grown in Texas is Granex. This onion is generally known by the name Vidalia. This species of onion is derived from Texas Grano 502. It reaches maturity early. Granex are normally available in yellow, red and white colors. Among all varieties of onions, the yellow onion matures the earliest, but it can not be stored for long. The white Granex onion is generally known as Miss Society and resembles the yellow onion in characteristics. Immature Granex onions, generate green onions upon harvesting. It is possible to thin the onion plantings by over-planting them from their seeds. 2. Texas Super-Sweet onions: Like Granex onions, Texas Super-Sweet onions are also derived from Texas Grano 502. Also, they are a short-day onion variety. As the name implies, Texas Super-Sweet onions are mildly sweet in taste. Large bulbous yellow onions having the shape of the globe can be seen in this variety. Unlike the Granex onions, Texas Super-Sweet onions have a large period of storage. Although it is derived from the Texas Grano 502, its resistance to disease is marvelous unlike many other varieties of onions that are derived from the same specie. They are far less likely than other varieties of onions to be bruised while being transported. Also, they generally do not acquire the disease of pink root or the disease in which the onions mature early. 3. Texas Grano 502 onions: Texas Grano 502 onions were introduced first in 1933. Owing to their sweetest taste among all potatoes, the Texas A&M University Extension Service entitled them as the “mother of all sweet potatoes” (Hill, 2010). This particular specie of onions was cultivated with a view to making onions adapted to the climate generally prevalent in the region of Southern Texas. It is one of the short-day species of onions in Texas, which is a characteristic consistent with the habits of indigenous people in the Southern Texas. Onions are one of the most frequently used vegetables for making food in all regions irrespective of geographical differences. This is the most fundamental ingredient of curry, particularly in the East, though the vegetable is equally used in many Western foods including omlette and salads. Owing to the wide utility of onions, they are of prime importance and hence, must be cultivated in large quantities. This paper has discussed the cultivation of different types of onions in Texas, where onions grow in large numbers. References: Hill, D. (2010). Texas Grown Onion Plants. Retrieved from http://www.ehow.com/list_7561122_texas-grown-onion-plants.html.

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