Out-of-Town Brown and the Besieged Probation Supervisor

Case Study: Out-of-Town Brown and the Besieged Probation Supervisor. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Case Study: Out-of-Town Brown and the Besieged Probation Supervisor Which form of intermediate sanction would appear to hold the most promise for theoffender in this case?

Intermediate sanctions comprise a series of punishment options which are used for probation and incarceration. The sanctions are also recognized as transitional penalties and sentences. The major forms of intermediate sanctions comprise thorough supervision programs, boot campgrounds, day reporting centers, home imprisonment, monetary fines, and enforced labor in the form of social service along with intermediate houses. Usually, criminals are provided with intermediate sanctions under certain form of trial observation. They are kept in the strict vigil certain circumstances which include home imprisonment, electronic monitoring and other intermediate sanctions. Intermediate sanctions are applied for several wrongdoers such as persons who are alleged of misconducts but are unconstrained in the community throughout court trails, individuals who are condemned of wrongdoings and offenses and directly penalized to intermediate sanction, individuals on trial, jail convicts, prison convicts and individuals on bail (Lawrence & Lyons, 2011).

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Out-of-Town Brown and the Besieged Probation Supervisor
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From the case study, it can be observed that the offender has been alleged with misconduct and penalized to intermediate sanctions. In the context of the case study, it can be stated that boot camps can be used as a form of intermediate sanctions. Boot camps signify a domiciliary intermediate sanction program which is mostly applied for young offenders. As in the case, the offender is merely 23 years old. therefore boot camps can be an appropriate selection for intermediate sanctions. Boot camps provide structured and military based activities by concentrating on discipline, correctional actions, physical labor and education. This sanction can be used as a punishment or in combination with other correctional decisions such as halfway houses. It is a community oriented residential facility which provides offenders with housing, treatment services and access to community resources for employment and education (Caputo, 2004).

Policy draft concerning media relations for the Collier County Probation Department

Media relation is a vital constituent for every probation department. Media relations provide the opportunity to express information to the people and other stakeholders regarding the functions, programs and services of the specific probation department. Every probation division must have a policy regarding acknowledgment of information to the media. The purpose of a policy draft for Collier County Probation Department is to make sure that it provides sensible and correct reactions to media investigations. The policy would help to make available the most proper spokesman on the basis of liability and duty. The policy ensures that Collier County Probation Department conducts media relations in a proper way which is objective, logical, open and clear within law (City of Hamilton, 2005).

With respect to the policy regarding media relations, Collier County Probation Department needs to recognize appropriate representatives who can act as spokespersons for the functional areas. The authorized individuals would provide clarifications and information regarding certain schemes, services, activities and initiatives which are specifically related to the operational area. Only the chosen individuals such as special employees selected to deal with the media must be permitted to inform any vital information to the media. An official policy must be in the form of writing and must evidently define that no one other than the chosen officials must make any kind of declarations to the media. When allowed, media press announcements must be arranged ahead of time and must follow the defined procedure (City of Hamilton, 2005).


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Lawrence, A., & Lyons, D. (2011). Principles of effective state sentencing and corrections policy: a report of the NCSL sentencing and corrections work group. Retrieved from http://www.ncsl.org/documents/cj/pew/wgprinciplesreport.

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