Organizational Strategy and Policies

Question 1: Based on your experience, education (including the videos and materials assigned this week), and knowledge, how would you best incorporate the following concepts into your view of how to get the best performance out of an organization: Blue Ocean Strategy, Bricolage, Disruptive Technology, and Hypercompetition.  

Question #2: Summarize and expand on Chapter #6 of the textbook (Competitive and Cooperative Moves), and describe what YOU think about the competitive and cooperative moves of an organization. Is competition good or bad? What competitive moves can a company use to increase their firm performance and how do they react to competitive actions by their competition.  What can a firm do to cooperate with other firms to benefit all?  Use personal examples/experience of competitive and cooperative moves if you can.  

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Organizational Strategy and Policies
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Question #3: Summarize and expand on Chapter #7 of the textbook (Competing in International Markets), and explain the benefits and risks of competing in international markets. What are the various global strategies that a firm can adopt? How has competing in international markets affected Apple?  

Question #4: This week there were videos (and readings) covering somewhat disparate topics in business and strategic management. Which of these videos most resonated with you in regards to understanding business and strategic management (and why)?

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