Organizational Behavior Concepts in any Organization.

Through decision making, ideas and procedures are developed, which culminate in to events and eventually give results.

From the results, more ideas are developed for more procedures, making the process an endless circle. This is the process that generates change within an organization, to give rise to the organizational culture. However, in some instances, this process may not generate the desired change. There are times when the results culminate in events which are disastrous. This necessitates careful observation and supervision of the processes which are routine in the organization in order to avoid unwarranted circumstances. In order to achieve this, prudent human resource practices need to be employed in decision making. This essay is a critical evaluation of organizational behavior concepts. Starbucks is the organization that has been used to illustrate these concepts. Aspects such as decision making, culture and human resources practices have been discussed.

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Organizational Behavior Concepts in any Organization.
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Decision making is a psychological process that culminates in the choice of a particular course of action amid many other alternatives. Innovativeness in organizations is usually realized after un1dergoing the decision making process, which involves need identification, search for possible sources o1f relevant information, evaluation of the information acquired and eventually undertaking a particular action. The outcome is psychological in the sense that decisions are not tangible, but from the ensuing behavior, one can easily tell that a certain decision has been made (Belk, and Askegaard, 2003 p.80). Organizational decision making takes place at different levels. Most of the crucial organizational decisions entail distribution of limited resources in the various departments or segments. They are significant in the identification of the most appropriate way to share resources.

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