Organization, Tone, and Language Assessment

Situation: You recently decided to quit a position working an apple plant. Company policy requires that you go through an exit interview. As part of this process, the company requires departing employees to compose a letter in which the employee characterizes his/her experiences. Often, these letters go from the Human Resources Manager to the President of the company.

Dear Mr. Jones:

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Organization, Tone, and Language Assessment
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You asked me to write a stupid letter in which I tell you why I am leaving your dumb company. Working in this apple plant was the worst job I ever had. First of all, the work was physically hard. For ten hours a night, I took cartons that rolled down a metal track and stacked them onto wooden stands in a tractor-­‐trailer. The second bad feature of the job I hated was the pay. I was getting the minimum wage at that time, $3.25 an hour. I had to work over sixty hours a week to get a decent take-­‐home pay. How much money do you make? I bet it is more than what we make.

Finally, I hated the working conditions. We were limited to two ten-­minute breaks and an unpaid half hour for lunch. Most of my time was spent outside loading dock in the freezing cold because this company is too cheap to even provide some heat in the warehouse. I was very lonely on the job because I had no interests in common with the other workers. They would regularly go out and get drunk after work. I usually stayed behind by myself cleaning the apple vats. Did I ever receive any thanks or extra pay? Of course not. The vats were an ugly place to be on a cold morning, and the job was a bitter one to have. And I forgot to mention earlier: I bet you do less work than we do. Tell the president to come down onto the floor and do what we does. One other thing: each carton contained twenty-­‐five pounds of bottled apple juice, and they came down the track fast. I often went home unable to lift my arms and needed to constantly take aspiring. You want to keep employees happy? Buy some equipment. But this company is clearly too cheap to do that.

Bottom line, I will never recommend your company to others. I also will never eat your apples, and I plan to post regularly on social media and tell customers not to eat your food, either. Have a nice life.

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