Organization Behaviour and Leadership Development Scenarios.

Organization Behaviour and Leadership Development Scenarios. Write a 2750 word paper answering; Scenario two setting involved unifying two competing junior employees i.e. Rosa and oli by finding common and unifying ideas, hence unifying them is of great importance in meeting the company objectives. The objective of this scenario was to get oli and Rosa to agree on maintaining customer retention in the call center at 65 % and also getting everyone to agree on using automated phone system. The steps I took to resolve this scenario were, actively listening to oli and Rosa, encouraging oli and Rosa to communicate to help reach an effective agreement, through asserting my leadership power toward ending the squabbles between them. Using work strategies tactics of constantly reminding them the goal of the organization in addition to using tension strategies where I introduced relaxing ideas that aimed to eliminate tension created by oli and Rosa

The key learning point that emerged from this scenario was that tension in at workplace can lead to little work being accomplished, it is of great paramount to stay neutral where employee friction is involved in order to help them out, through focusing on goals of organization and constant reminder help people to work harmoniously, effective communication within organization facilitate dialogue that helps to resolve dialogue between employees and creating a kind of numeration system that helps employers to cooperate and work together.

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Organization Behaviour and Leadership Development Scenarios.
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Supporting theory and academic insight for this scenario can be derived from democratic leadership.

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