Oral History Project

In this class, you will be tasked with doing an Oral History Project.  Your assignment will be to transcribe an interview that covers the educational experiences of Mexican Americans in Texas.  The task requires that you to listen to the interview (which will be provided via a link) and type what you hear. Interviews are typically transcribed for ease of use to researchers. To transcribe something is to type what is being said word for word.  This project is important because it helps make the interviews more searchable. The interview is already done and will be distributed to you.  It comes from an online repository called the “Civil Rights in Black and Brown Oral History Project” housed in the History Department at Texas Christian University (https://crbb.tcu.edu/).  You must listen to and transcribe the interview of your subject.  Find the name of your subject and the link for accessing the interview on the spreadsheet in a folder entitled Oral History Project on LearningWeb.  You must do the interview that is assigned to you.

The Transcript: For transcribing, take notice of the following points. Use single space Times New Roman in 12-point font with 1” margins on all sides. Left-align the entire transcript. Become familiar with who the interviewer (the person asking the questions) is and who the interviewee (the person answering the questions) is.  Know their names as you will identify who is speaking by their name initials in all-caps i.e. JE: or KE:, for example.  Skip one line when the speaker switches from interviewer to interviewee.  You can leave out verbal pauses like “um” and “uh”.  If you can’t understand what someone says then type make a note in brackets, e.g., [inaudible]. If there is non-verbal action in the video, then include the action in italics in brackets, e.g., [laughing] or [pointing].  If the speaker uses profanity, type out exactly what was said. Do not censor the transcript. Please make a note that profanity is used at the top of the transcript.  Do a spell and grammar check to ensure that there are no typos and grammatical errors.  Be sure your punctuation is accurate.  See Sample Transcript, Bio, Stats, & Quotes in LearningWeb for an example.

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The Bio: In addition to transcribing the interview, you are also tasked with writing a short biography of the person assigned to you.  The biography is a short snapshot of that person’s life in chronological order, beginning, middle, and end.  The length of the biography will vary but they are typically anywhere between three to five paragraphs typed and single spaced.  See Sample Transcript, Bio, Stats, & Quotes in LearningWeb for an example. 

Statistical Information: In addition to writing the biography, your task is also to provide some statistical information of your subject.  You are to find, if available, answers to the following questions: date of birth; place of birth; place of interview, date of interview, type of employment, duration of employment, and any organizations that person belonged to. This information can go in the Bio but should also be noted underneath it in a statistical format.  See Sample Transcript, Bio, Stats, & Quotes in LearningWeb for an example.

The Quotes: On top of transcribing, writing a short biography, and listing the statistical information of your subject, you are also tasked with selecting several memorable quotes from the interview and setting them apart.  These will be placed at the end of the biography that you write and under the stats section.  Find a total of three quotes.  Take stock also of the time in the interview that they were selected from and indicate the start and end time of each quote. See Sample Transcript, Bio, Stats, & Quotes in LearningWeb for an example.

Citation and Submission: Once everything is completed, you will submit it together as one-word file to Canvas once the link for uploading the assignment becomes available.  Be sure to have all four parts done and in this particular order: Transcript, Biography, Statistical Information, and Memorable Quotes.  [BE SURE TO ALSO ADD THE CITATION UNDERNEATH EVERYTHING.  IT CAN BE FOUND AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE WHERE YOUR INTERVIEW IS LOCATED] Make sure each part is identifiable so be sure to add titles or headers to each section.

 link to the assigned interview

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