Optimum Distribution.

A recent question came to mind in which I asked myself, what all I could do if I was given five thousand dollars to invest. It was really confusing to me to choose the best from the variety of options around me. Profit is a beautiful imagination about every venture, but my concern is all about the orientation of socially organized activities basically meant for the betterment of classified members of the society. In case I had that amount to spend, I would spend it on a project that long cherished in my mind – a social networking system for the differently-abled children of special education schools that are deprived of socializing. “Socialization enables children to learn what they need to know in order to be integrated into the society in which they live” (Berns, 39). The major implication of this project will be around the mainstreaming of most of the uncared schools privately managed by individuals which are partially aided by non-profit organizations. My proposal is maintaining a virtual socialization spectrum for the children, which gives them exposure to the world of internet and allied amenities of the present world. In order to meet this purpose, I would regularly meet affluent philanthropists for over six months of time and explain them everything about my plan.

The plan would include the development of software with the help of computer professionals for social interaction with all the charitable organizations and the creamy layer members of the society among doctors, contractors or businessmen. This software would be introduced to all major websites and social networking sites through regular advertisements. In the meantime, I would arrange a team of special school education to take sample surveys of requirements of the target groups in various cultures and living standards. The focus would be given to the variables like their age, physical standards, areas of interest and degree of disability.&nbsp.Based on the information of the surveys, I would design special windows for gaming, chatting and other activities of interaction in the software.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.

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Optimum Distribution.
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