Online vs. traditional classes.

Need an research paper on online vs. traditional classes. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Online Versus Traditional es Introduction Internet has benefited the entire population of this world in several ways. It has enhanced an individual’s communication skills, relationships as well as knowledge. One of the key benefits that have been derived from the evolution of the internet is online education. Online education is a term used to refer to the process of attaining knowledge, skills and ability over the internet. The creation of online education has increased the demand for this kind of education and due to this several well renowned educational institutes are now offering online classes. According to Parker, around 77% of the universities they surveyed were offering at least some form of online courses (Parker 1). Online classes have several benefits to offer as compared to traditional classes. These benefits include: increased accessibility, decrease in educational gap and ease of gaining education.


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Online vs. traditional classes.
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Online education has increased the accessibility of education. When only traditional classroom style education was available a lot of individuals used to fail to get themselves enrolled in universities that they always wanted to. This was because these educational institutes had limited amount of seats available and because several individuals did not have the funding required to attend classes in these educational institutes. Online education does not require seats and does not require an individual to be physically available in a setting to gain education. Due to this people have started gaining online education in universities of their choice at a lower cost.

Online education has even helped in decreasing the educational gap. The problem with traditional classroom education was that it was only accessible for those who belonged to families who can afford to get their children enrolled in the best universities by paying for their travelling costs and tuition fee. Due to this people living in developing nations and poorer regions of the world used to fail to gain education in the best universities around the world. This led to an increase in the gap between quality and quantity of education being obtained by rich and the poor. Online education is quite inexpensive and does not need huge amount of funds for travelling from one region to another and this enables the poor to attain education thus leading to a decrease in the gap of quality and quantity of education being obtained by rich and poor.

Online education provides students with the ease of gaining education. Adults who work used to fail to gain education in physical classroom because these classrooms require the adults to be present at a particular time that may conflict with their working hours. Internet education has provided adults with an opportunity to obtain education at any point in time without conflicting with the working and family life.


Internet education has more benefits to offer as it helps in increasing the access of education, it helps in decreasing the gap of quality and quantity education being gained by rich and the poor and it provides the adults to continue obtaining education without conflicting with their professional and family life.

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Parker, Kim, Amanda Lenhart and Kathleen Moore. “The Digital Revolution and Higher Education.” Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends Project, 2011. Web. 16 Apr 2014. .

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