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Write 1 page thesis on the topic outsourcing at office supply inc. Outsourcing at Office Supply Inc Outsourcing at Office Supply Inc The major goals at Office Supply Inc (OSI) include improvingoperational efficiency using diverse strategies. For example, the organization wishes to outsource necessary infrastructure to save its operational finances. This was significant for the company because most of its businesses were divisible into subsidiaries located in several places. The categories in this company include technology products, office furniture, materials and sanitation materials (Jeffery & Anfield, 2012).

Significant decisions in this organization include creating brand names and printing corporate materials. For example, Office Supply Inc decided to focus on dealing with general office supplies because of the market availability. The presence of perfect application software in OSI compromised other aspects of IT in the organization. This is because the hardware applications were unreliable. This made the company incur IT related costs because of the difference in their software and hardware respectively (Jeffery & Anfield, 2012).

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office supply inc
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Office Supply Inc has political issues that affect some of its operations. For example, the employees had to deal with salary issues before the outsourcing program. There was a need to outsource certain services, for example, the management of infrastructure in OSI. There was significant proof that TIS was the most appropriate company for outsourcing. This is because of previous records, which highlighted the increase of profit margins in the respective organizations that had outsourced its services (Jeffery & Anfield, 2012).

There were significant improvements in the organization because of the implemented changes. These changes included qualified engineers managing the entire IT unit of the organization. The aspect of outsourcing also allowed the organization to save operational costs. For example, OSI outsourced IT personnel instead of recruiting a new work force altogether (Jeffery & Anfield, 2012).


Jeffery, M. & Anfield J. (2012) .Outsourcing at Office Supply Inc. Kellogg School of Management.

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