Observation about Lady Gaga.

The ruthlessness or suaveness by which pop artist like Lady Gaga manipulate and master the media environment and the art of attracting sensational coverage creates a mystique that fuels MP3, CD, and record sales, as well as other merchandise. The greater the extent that Lady Gaga’s fame spreads internationally, the more powerful she becomes as a sales and marketing icon. Her fusion of sexuality with fashion and embrace of the gay community has led her to be seen as a groundbreaking artist with a serious social message which revolves around embracing a more inclusive vision of society, ending hate crimes and discrimination against the LGBT community. In this regard, the sales figures, popularity, and fame of Lady Gaga can be seen as consumer support for her message, while her media behavior allows her ideas to reach a larger audience internationally through the commercial media and music video channels. As the leading performing artist of the 21st Century in America, Lady Gaga can be seen as a pop culture icon symbolizing wider movements such as changes in taste, values, and moral standards in the society.

Any analysis of the life and work of Lady Gaga would necessarily be required to understand the way that fame, celebrity, and media are integrated in modern American life to create a larger sense of shared community through pop culture. Similarly, attention should be given to whether Lady Gaga is truly a modern or post-modern artist. If Marilyn Monroe is an archetypal example of the female celebrity in modern America, how does Lady Gaga’s performance art distinguish herself from traditional mass-media starlets and pop idols? Lady Gaga’s performance art is clearly finely tuned by an understanding of mass-media similar to Madonna, Marilyn Manson, or Prince, as all of these artists used a fusion of sexuality and shocking behavior to further the popular exposure and sales of their music. 

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