The poor people lack food at times, and now they have a bigger problem to handle, the obesity scourge. The poor people in Brazil have previously had the hunger challenge, and after the problem was solved, they now have to deal with obesity. There is a need for the health stakeholders to create awareness programs on obesity and provide a solution to the poor people.

Brazil is a third world country, and their poverty level is very high. Every year cases of child hunger are brought to the media. It is sorrowful now that they have obesity to deal with. Reports show that “at least one in every three children in Brazil is obese.” This shows that at least one-third of all children in Brazil are obese. If no action is taken, it is expected that the numbers will keep moving up. The medical fraternity has failed in controlling child obesity in Brazil. Paula Pizzato, a nutritionist in the country, claims that doctors have been using weight to determine the health of children. With the current technologies of using height and BMI available, it is a pity to see that they have not been utilized. There is a need for the medical fraternity to put more weight on the issue since the numbers of obese children is alarming.

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“In the past health campaigns have helped reduce the death rate of children.” There is a need for a health campaign on obesity in the country. After solving the poverty problem, the government should now seek to solve the obesity problem. As the article reports, in the past parents were not able to put food on the table but now they can put a coca cola bottle on the table. The kind of food that parents are providing for their children is a major cause of obesity. The poor can now afford junk, but they have little knowledge on the effects of taking the junk food. The blame goes to the government and the medical fraternity in the country. 

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