Obamas plan on health care 

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Health of nation is best reflected in the health of its people. The recent times have seen a rapid decline of healthcare delivery in America. There has been indecent escalation in the cost of the Medicare and accessibility of quality healthcare has become a mere dream for the poor. There have been increasingly more Americans that are without adequate health insurance or with inadequate health insurance, putting their health and life at the mercy of God. The recessive trend in the economy has just added to the misery of thousands of American citizens who may be without jobs and cannot afford to fall sick. In such a tough and depressive scenario, Obama’s healthcare plans have come as a silver lining for the vulnerable segments of the society who are the worst sufferer of the time.

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Obamas plan on health care 
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The highlights of Obama’s health plan are the initiatives taken by the government to make healthcare affordable through measures that would curb wastage, fraud and abuse of Medicare by various stakeholders of the health industries like hospital, doctors, insurers etc. who are directly and indirectly linked with the delivery of healthcare modules. The health plans have focused on the three major areas: ensuring uniformity of plans across gender, age and people with pre-existing diseases. accessibility to quality healthcare. and rein in cost (Whitehouse).

President Obama’s statement that ‘whether or not you have health insurance right now, the reforms we seek will bring stability and security that you don’t have today… This isn’t about politics. This is about people’s lives. This is about people’s businesses. This is about our future’ (Obama, 2009) clearly shows an intrinsic understanding of the people’s needs and the urgency of the purpose to address those needs. The plans propose stringent measures of control to promote non discrimination in the Medicare vis-à-vis gender, age and pre-existing diseases that had inculcated insecurity amongst the masses and curb the indiscriminate rise in the insurance premium. The Medicare has widened the scope of health delivery by incorporating diabetes test, mammogram, flu shots etc. within the package to reduce extra financial burden on the common man.

Accessibility to quality healthcare has become possible by giving fringe benefits like tax credits to individuals and small businesses so that they can get insurance, exercising best option for their healthcare needs. Public healthcare system takes care of the poor and people with pre-existing diseases are protected through the creation of national ‘high risk pool’.

It is envisaged that by controlling pilferage, fraud and abuse in the healthcare delivery by the various stakeholders, the cost of the healthcare would be significantly controlled. The extra incentive to doctors, hospital and specialists for quality healthcare delivery is yet another commendable step that would go a long way in improving healthcare delivery in the United States.

Indeed, the intentions of the President Obama are fair and need to be appreciated for the fast delivery of party’s mandate. Obama and his team have come up with a viable health plan and it is hoped that the implementation of the same would also be taken up with the same speed and sincerity.


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