Obama and McCains Advertising Campaign.

 An abstract is required. Considering the diverse canvas of these advertising campaigns the messages are strategically crafted. Obama camp opted for an out modern and specific stance while McCain played it the traditional way.

Robert (2009) claims, indeed, it was in the early portion of the 2008 campaign that decisions were made and paths were charted for which there could be no turning back. As I will argue, the communication functions performed during the preprimary and primary stages of the 2008 campaign were at least as important in determining the results of the entire elections as they have ever been. (p.4)

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Obama and McCains Advertising Campaign.
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McCain’s web ad “The one” mocks Obama and compares him with Moses. It is an effective ad but leaves the viewer on a thinking note about Obama’s credibility as a leader which can be more effectively proved wrong through the debates between Obama and McCain. The strength of this ad lies in its use rather manipulation of Obama’s own statements with a humorous touch which gives it an edge over the Paris Hilton and Britney spears commercial. Kathleen Hall Jamieson narrates in an interview with Alex Koppelman (2008):

…Charlton Heston as Moses is unexpected the first time you see the ad, and the juxtaposition with the theme of Obama quotes on each side is effective. And so unlike the “Celeb” ad [featuring Britney Spears and Paris Hilton], in which the test of plausibility is immediate, that you can begin to ask, what are these two women doing in this ad. you’re far less likely to ask that in “The One”. (Slon.com)

According to Kathleen Hall Jamieson (2008) across those ads, you’re seeing the same basic theme: Is Obama ready to lead? The Republicans got the theme for the campaign but it proved not to be very useful for them as Obama proved his ability during debates. History tells us about John Kennedy‘s gain in 1960 who was asked by Richard Nixon. Republicans, in this way, are repeating the same old ineffective strategy which becomes null by the performance of opponents. However, it is an effective ad as it uses Obama’s words and manipulates them in a humorous way.[1] (salon.com)




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