OB and HRM.

It has highlighted the strong points as well as the weak points of the team and presented a recommendation for the team’s future strategy.

DSS Consulting was established in the USA in 1997 as an administrative support firm. Its primary objective consisted of providing organizational support to the local school districts located in the mid-western part of USA and also the mountain west region of the country. The company had been formed by three retired administrators of the local school districts. The local school districts of this region used to employ a limited number of staff who were not well equipped to deal with the various administrative problems faced by the educational institutions. The three founders of the DSS Consulting had already spent long years in the service of their respective institutions and by the time they founded the company, all of them had completed their years in service. However, experienced as they were, they were quick to realize the various administrative difficulties encountered by the modern schools. This was especially applicable in the case of the small local district schools which usually had limited staff members to deal with the multifarious organizational difficulties. The district administrators realized the need of a separate firm which could lend administrative support to these local district schools. This was the objective behind the setting up of the DSS Consulting Company. (Ancona and Caldwell, 2010, pp.1-2)

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DSS helped the district schools in negotiating agreements with the labor organizations, establishing their independent procurement system and so on. During the latter half of the 1990s decade, the local school districts encountered more complex administrative challenges. They were also put under pressure to curtail the costs of administration. 

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