Nursing theorist

In performing the theory, a client is thought on how to take care of himself, hence the name “self-care.” However, the nurse must apply caring services whenever the person feels a distinctive inability on some part of learning self-care (Jose, 2007). Furthermore, Orem’s theory consists of three interrelated principles. The first principle is self-care theory. In this method, the theory has the application of employing the learned, real judgments in sustaining life, health, and continuing personal development and well-being. The human adaptation with the environment enables him to correspond to what the self-requirements for functional and developmental regulations (Orem 2001, as cited in Tomey & Alligood, 2006, p. 269). Overall the process occurs in assessing the person’s physical functions and developmental functions, then, distinguishing these requisites and applying the necessary action for it to satisfy the patient’s regulatory functions, and finally, the adaptation of the person to these skills independently.

A harmonious relationship between a nurse and client will somehow improve the patient’s stress management and sets examples to relatives that in turn will provide health care to the patient. In this patient’s situation, his nearest relative is in another state, which means it will be harder to implicate such examples to them. Hence, a manageable self-care is more appropriate. Furthermore, the related concepts to managing self-care are important such as self-care, self-agency, therapeutic self-care demand and self-care deficit that will utilize the utmost advantage available to the client. Utilizing Orem’s theory in this concept will cooperate with other theories corresponding to health promotion and family systems to guide the overall health assessment, selection of appropriate health outcomes and administering nursing interference. Added interventions include the NANDA, Nursing Intervention Classifications, and Nursing Outcomes Association, which will facilitate the compatibility of health care documentation to the patient (Kumar, 2007).

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Nursing theorist
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