Nursing Scholarship

Professional Goals, Personal Achievements, Awards, and Community Service. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Outline of My Professional Goals, Personal Achievements, Awards and Community Service Roll No: Teacher: 13th February 2009


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Nursing Scholarship
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Outline of My Professional Goals, Personal Achievements, Awards and Community Service

Nursing is a very respectable profession and I have always considered being associated to this profession as a lifetime achievement. I want to do Masters in nursing to be a nursing educator or NP. From a long time, I have been associated to tasks that are related to human welfare. It is my passion to help out people in their troubles and to facilitate them with the help that I can provide. Due to my interest towards helping the troubled people, I have always thought to join the profession of nursing in which, human beings are given utmost care and support.

As far as my personal achievements are concerned, I have done some works, which I count as my achievements. I work for Accredo Health Group a specialty pharmacy. I work close with patients that are on long term therapy for Cancer such as breast cancer, multiple myeloma, advanced renal cell carcinoma, and colorectal cancer. I also help parents with premature babies who need the synergies injections for Respiratory Synical virus. I assist patients in terms of financial support making sure that they received their shipment on time. I have two children and I work full time

I received 6 pace setter awards on my job (going over and beyond my duties) for outstanding debt collections and excellent customer service. I participated in “Who’s who” among college and university students in 2001. I took part in the Community Service Walk for the homeless. I volunteered to cook breakfast at the hope house. I helped in (silent auction) friends for life program. I served food for the homeless on Thanksgiving. I painted the recreation room for girls and boys and also I was a member of girl scouts. I have been teaching in a Sunday school every day for eight years. I am a member of NBNA and NSNA. I always donate whenever I have to make a wish. I consider all my efforts for the betterment of humanity as my achievements.

I fulfill my responsibilities at my home and also study alone with managing my household. For me, a person should be ambitious in his/her life because life is nothing when it is aimless. I have always kept a professional goal of joining the profession of nursing and at each step of my education. I feel that I am getting closer to my profession. I care about people who are in physical problems and I want to help them out from their problems by whatever support, I can provide to them.

I always try to participate in the programs that are commenced for the purpose of human welfare and whenever, I am able to help someone out from any trouble, which becomes a moment of glory and achievement for me. Currently, I am getting a BSN in Healthcare management that will add to my knowledge of healthcare and support. In totality, I am an ambitious person who is always ready to assist people.

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