nursing- case study

I have started the format just fill in the sections, I will add the reference mentioned all references have to be with in 5 years and scholarly and must go through safe assignA 52-year-old African American male presents to an urgent care center complaining of urinary frequency and nocturia. The symptoms have been present for several months and have increased in frequency over the past week. He has been unable to sleep because of the need to urinate at least hourly all day and night. He does not have a primary care provider and has not seen a doctor in more than 10 years. His father died when he was a child in an automobile accident, and his mother is 79 years old and has hypertension. The patient has no siblings. His social history includes the following: banker by profession, divorced father of two grown children, non-smoker, and occasionally consumes alcohol on weekends only.Primary Diagnosis:Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)-BPH is an enlargement of the prostrate occurring in older men that is not malignant. According to Buttaro et al, (2017), symptoms can be either obstructive or irritative. These symptoms are called lower urinary tract symptoms due to decline in The presentation of the patient of urinary frequency and nocturia being present for months with increase in frequency is consistent with a diagnosis of BPH. Differential Diagnosis:1. Urinary Tract Infection 2. Prostatitis 3. Type 2 Diabetes Role of History and Physical Exam in DiagnosisPotential Treatment Options

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nursing- case study
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