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Need help with my writing homework on News conference studies. Write a 500 word paper answering; New Release FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: VP Corporate Communications 800-602-20205 Email address: PRESS RELEASE ONTHE DEBUT OF DEEN’S NEW COOKING SHOWS, BOOK DEALS AND PRODUCT LAUNCHES

Deen Comes Back With A New Cooking Show, Book Deals And Product Launches.

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How does Paula Deen plan to come back to the industry? Najafi Companies is a global private investment company based in Phoenix, Arizona. The firm has other offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris and London. Najafi Companies has interests in numerous sectors such as media, consumer, technology, industrial, real estate and energy. These interests are spread out across seven countries. Najafi Companies makes sensitive investments in companies or entities, which have strong management strategies and teams (Najafi Companies 1). The firm targets sectors characterized by rapid technological transformations. Additionally, the company has a long-term perspective of its investments. It focuses its resources and efforts towards the creation of value through superior performance and growth.

This background of Najafi Companies motivated Chef Paula Deen to seek the firm’s assistance in her comeback. Her former employee faced Chef Paula Deen with a number of challenges following the allegations. As a result, she lost her cooking show and lucrative endorsement deals. Additionally, she was forced to close down her restaurant. In the process of exploring her future, and position in the industry, Chef Deen identified Najafi Companies as an important investment partner. Chef Deen intends to build on Najafi Companies strong brand presence and heritage as part of her transformation (Najafi Companies 1). Therefore, Chef Paula Deen and Najafi Companies would like to announce their partnership and the launch of Deen’s debut cooking show, product launch and book deals.

The essence of the new partnership is based on mutual partnership. Najafi Companies has invested $75 million in the new Paula Deen Ventures. The venture will be responsible for the debut of new cooking shows, product and book deals. The essence of the new partnership captures the nature of Paula Deen as a resilient person. It also outlines the nature of Najafi Companies as a company that is willing to invest in struggling groups, people, entities and businesses (Najafi Companies 1). Therefore, Paula Deen’s customers, business partners and audiences should expect a positive experience from the new venture.

The new venture is a milestone for Paula Deen. Today’s announcement is a renewal of Deen’s promise to her audience and customers. Paula Deen intends to focus all her efforts and resources towards the satisfaction of her customers. The partnership between Paula Deen and Najafi Companies is three fold. First, customers will have an easier time to understand the strengths of Deen’s products and services. Second, customers will understand what differentiates Deen from other professionals in the field. Lastly, the partnership will clarify Deen’s promise to provide a range of inspirational experiences to her customers. Paula Deen and Najafi Companies are building a strengthened and simplified portfolio, which will incorporate the essence of the two entities into Deen’s brand. The partnership will combine the strengths of the two entities to ensure that customers have a positive customer experience.

Thomas Public Relations will host a press release at 3 pm on June 7, 2014 at its headquarters in Ashburton Groove. During the press release, the company will provide additional details on the partnership between Najafi Companies and Paula Deen. Requests for media credentials in order to attend the press release should be directed to Your Name at .


Najafi Companies is a private investment company that makes highly sensitive investments in different fields. The firm invests in companies or entities that have strong management teams. The firm mainly focuses on sectors that are undergoing rapid technological changes.

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Najafi Companies. About Najafi Companies. Najafi Companies. 2014. Web. May 28, 2014.

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