News Article Review

  • All articles must be recent, (the oldest date that will be accepted is four weeks before the start of the semester
  • Your article(s) must relate to one of the following outcomes (if you are competing two news articles on this topic then be sure to one learning outcome for one article and the other learning outcome for the second article)
  • 5.1 How does a personality and values influence interactions at work.
  • 6.5 How does the role of individual differences, organizational factors, personal ethics, and creativity in making decisions.


OB Article Review Form Article:Title:Date:Author: Page:Publisher &, Copyright:Web Address:If you do not scan or link or attach or give the a full citation so that I may read the the business article you will earn 0 points.(Worth up to 5 points)Brief Summary of the Article:(Worth up to 10 points)Which OB learning outcome relates does this article relate?(Specific learning outcome worth up to 10 points) How does the learning outcome relate to the article, give specific examples and explanations:(Worth up to 20 points)What is your critique on the article?Grammar and spelling.(Worth up to 5 points)

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News Article Review
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