New Pentagon Map that Seeks to Erase the Gap

Write 6 pages with APA style on New Pentagon Map that Seeks to Erase the Gap. The Core is composed of nations that exhibit globalization characteristics of liberal media practices, network connectivity, liberal business, and financial policies, and a collective sense of security, while the Gap has “thin” or “absent” globalization factors, and so they have widespread political repression, poverty, disease, mass murder, and conflicts.2 Barnett contends that the Gap is globally disconnected, so they have no stake in partaking in globalization or protecting it, thereby threatening peace and security in the Core.3 In addition, Barnett clarifies that the boundaries between the Gap and the Core are always shifting because of the perceived positive and negative effects of globalization.4 At the same time, Barnett points out that the happenings during 9/11 are invaluable in reminding Americans that they have real enemies in the Gap, particularly the “Super Empowered Individuals” who are manifestations of the Gap’s disconnectedness.5 Moreover, Barnett underscores that if Americans want to protect their country, they must realize that the best defense is an offensive strategy that “shrinks the Gap,” and not merely recognizes its existence.6 The main targets are states or territories where global connectivity is at its lowest, starting with the Middle East.7 This offensive strategy also includes strengthening the “seam states” to prevent the threats from entering the Core.8 Barnett presents a “Disconnectedness” theory that is predictive of U.S. military actions and decisions.

The theory is persuasive in capturing the thinness of globalization and its connection to becoming a threat to the Core because globalization conditions are indeed factors in explaining disconnectedness and war. Barnett makes sensible claims that economic globalization can contribute to peace and development. Erik Gartzke and Quan Li noted from their empirical studies on globalizing economies that economic integration reduced and can reduce interstate conflicts.

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New Pentagon Map that Seeks to Erase the Gap
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