New Media And Society

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic New Media And Society. The acceptance of new media in society can be traced back to the period of 1980s when computers started becoming accessible by individuals throughout the world. Since then new media has been accepted and used by people all over the world and this media is increasingly becoming a part of every society member’s life. According to Boone, internet users throughout the world account for 2.7 billion of the entire population of the world. This shows that the internet which is one of the examples of new media has gained social acceptance throughout the world. These figures even show that since the new media has been accepted on such a large scale, it has even impacted society (Boone 137). There has been heavy debate on whether new media is positively or negatively impacting the entire society. New media has positively contributed to society and will continue to do so in the shorter as well as in the longer run. New Media has helped in the development of communication, changed the course of history and is building a better future for the entire society.

One of the most important areas in which new media have been heavily criticized is communication and development of communication skills. Those who believe that new media has negatively impacted the society argue that new media is hampering the development of communication skills of individuals who are still in their youth. They believe that face to face communication is the only way through which communication skills can be developed as in face to face communication the sender and the receiver of the information can get a better idea regarding what communication strategies prove to be useful and what communication strategies are harmful to the development of social relationships. Although new media restricts face to face communication new media is surely enhancing the communication skills of individuals rather than being an obstacle in the development of an individual’s communication skills.

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New Media And Society
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