Need help with my writing homework on Key Ideas, Theories, Policies and Practices around Globalisation and Education

Need help with my writing homework on Key Ideas, Theories, Policies and Practices around Globalisation and Education. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The informal education relied on informal ways of learning which were considered social ways of learning. The old people in the society had an obligation to ensure the young generation in society was learned through informal ways of learning (Sinagatullin, 2006: 12). Though this was at times considered an indigenous way of learning, the young generation was able to get vital teachings from the elders. With continued processes, the generation acquired the required skills in life. This led to the development of better ways of teaching and learning which was passed to the next generation. This states the origin of education and how it was influential in the past decades. Globalization is one aspect that is considered an important aspect that has led to the change from informal education to formal education. Many regions were stuck to their informal ways of educating the young generation. In their own thoughts, they were suitable for the upcoming generation. There are several reasons that led to the stagnation of such practices in most areas. First, mobility and immigration were unheard of. People in their ancestral land were locked in such areas and they did not feel the need to move to other places in the world. The people were living in their own way of life, which was comfortable according to their needs. These people did not have information flow from other places of the world, and as such, they did not have a comparison of the outside world. In fact, people believed that their way of life was more suitable than any other. However, with the cropping up of the concept of globalization, many other aspects of life changed. First, globalization led to the exchange of information from other parts of the world. This led to deeper comparisons between places and people felt the need to change their educational standards. For example, many people acquired formal information from already developed countries. This would be important in ensuring these countries are developing just like the other countries that are already developed (Zajda, 2010:101). For example, South Africa felt the need to copy the Australian way of education. South Africa was not as developed as Australia and it felt the need to adapt a different form of learning. This would improve the quality of education in South Africa to the standards of education in Australia. Industrialization is one of the most savored outcomes of globalization, especially in the education sector. The education sector needs motivations to be well equipped (Ben-Peretz, 2009:75). For example, the education sector looks at the outcomes of educating people in a certain sector and implements such education syllabuses. A concrete example is the development of syllabuses that will equip people to participate in the industrialization sector. The educational governing bodies will enhance their syllabuses when looking for better ways of making an industrialized country. For example, the educational sector developed syllabuses for engineers, managers and other professionals that would equip the country with managers that would run industries. This led to the massive improvement in the education sector since the syllabuses were welcoming many people that would be professionals. This was only after the cropping up of industries that needed works, laborers, and managers.&nbsp.Though the industries were run with people from the developed countries, this was an encouragement that the people in the region would later manage these businesses.

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Need help with my writing homework on Key Ideas, Theories, Policies and Practices around Globalisation and Education
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