Need an research paper on case summary and analysis. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on case summary and analysis. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Information Technology helps Cannondale Manage Its Complex Supply Chain Case Summary and Analysis The case is about how Installation of RapidRespose by Cannondale enabled the company manage its complex supply chain. Prior to the installation, the company was facing the challenge of tracking the demands of their customers and meeting them in time. Additionally, the company could not keep up with the numerous demands that required them to buy thousands of parts to manufacture the varying models demanded by their customers. However, installation of RapidResponse enabled the company manage its supplies and demands effectively (Rainer and Cegielski 378-379).

1. Describe Cannondale’s complex manufacturing environment, and identify some of the problems that this environment created

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Need an research paper on case summary and analysis. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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Cannondale is a bicycle manufacturing company that supplies bicycles in 66 countries. The company has to manufacture numerous and varying models of bicycles ordered by their clients. The company environment is characterized by demand for numerous varying bicycle models that requires different parts. Therefore, the company has to make several orders, which are hard to track and monitor. This created the difficulty in overall performance of the company. The main challenge is the need to manage the numerous bills of materials (BOMs) required manufacturing the different models. Being an international company, the company is faced by complex demands due to the varying needs of the customers. The complexity of the clients’ needs made it difficult for Cannondale to deliver customized products to their customers resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, the company could not monitor its sales effectively (Rainer and Cegielski 378-379).

2. Describe the RapidResponse system’s impact on Cannondale’s global supply chain management

The rapid response system enabled Cannondale to manage its demand and supply chain effectively. The ease in management was because the RapidSystem made it easy and fast for the company to track the demands from their customers and monitor their supplies. The RapidSystem processes the supply and demand data in an easy to interpret manner making it easy for the customer to manufacture bicycles that meet the demands of their customer in good time. The buyers would easily make orders. Additionally the managers and other planners would easily monitor the daily inventories and make appropriate schedules for production purposes. Financial reporting became easy since the financial managers would easily monitor the sales using the systems. Another impact of the RapidResponse was easing interactions between the different participants in the supply chain. It has made it possible for the participants to instant simulate and share other information crucial in enhancing the supplies. This is crucial in enabling the company and the suppliers respond to changes in demand and supply effectively (Rainer and Cegielski 378-379).

The overall effect of the RapidResponse if increase the speed at which orders from customers are responded to, reduction and other manufacturing and supply costs. The company managers are able to get updates from their customers and employees across the globe. Another way in which RapidResponse has improved operations at Cannondale is through enabling the management team to examine manufacturing backlog with ease. Moreover, the system enables the management forecast on the future operations of the company by comparing past data with the daily feedback. Another way in which RapidResponse has impacted on Cannondale’s operations it through improvement in cycle times which has enabled the company meet the needs of their customers in good time resulting in customer satisfaction. All the above factors and improvements have enhanced the operations of Cannondale making it more competitive in the bicycle manufacturing industry (Rainer and Cegielski 378-379).

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