Need an research paper on 9/11 terrorist attacks and the cold war. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on 9/11 terrorist attacks and the cold war. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Since the United States appears to have vested interests all over the world including the most unlikely of place, policy making in the world remains affected by these two events. The cold war, for one, was a major drive due to its political affiliation in the world where all countries were affected due to the branding of nations according to the side they chose to back in the cold war period of 1945 through to the late 1980s.

This was on the basis of whether any country backed American interests or Russia and its Cuban interests. In these two variations, there also existed a third, where a country did not back any of the two, and was thus labelled a third world country. In the allocation of donor aid, these affiliations seem to play a key role as it is these standards of politics that determined the development levels of any country in the post cold war period. In addition, on the cold war, assessment on Russian influence as a threat to global peace influenced policy making. This is in regard to countries, in this case the USA, making decisions on possible interventions to influence global relationships. These policies were an attempt at constructing regional defence strategies against potential political changes on global social and economic policies (Suri, 2009, pg. 612). In addition, the end of the cold war created a guideline, rigorous, for making policies. These were dominated by the use of combinations of military, diplomatic, and economic tools to pursue interests. It was the end of the cold war that played a crucial role in bringing about the financial solvency, public consensus on global issues and, altogether, international stability. This is terms of a nation rising against a nation as there was the application of logic and diplomacy enduring prudential behaviour in the middle of unconceivable danger (Suri, 2009, pg. 613). In policymaking, the events of 9/11 played a crucial in global politics in the same way as the cold war in that following the unrest. the world was filled with uncertainty. 9/11 created an atmosphere suitable for the generation of policies aimed at protecting the world from organized global crime in the form of terrorism (Pourmokhtari, 2010, pg. 34). This was in the same way that the world worked towards preventing a nuclear showdown between global powers in an attempt to assert their power and influence on global issues. In addition, just like the cold war changed internal policies, the war on terror emanating from 9/11 had similar effects. This is in terms of the political correctness of prisoner treatment and internal law enforcement. In this regard, both cases had a substantial impact in internal policies where both internal and foreign policy affect the global political scene due to the variation in treating citizens and foreigner as people with equal rights in an attempt to cut on the international tension. Another similarity relates to the issue of diverse interests that transverse the globe of all nations. Especially, this applies to the USA whose interests were more defuse and numerous covering almost the entire globe. Also, the globe faced challenges of strategic resources where they were more constrained. In this regard, some countries lacked the resources for economic competition leading to cuts in standing militaries after the cold war.

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Need an research paper on 9/11 terrorist attacks and the cold war. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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