National Health Service

The current framework in the UK set out in the NHS Act of 1977 was changed substantially through the Health and Social Care Act of 2012. The 1977 NHS’s Act catered for the family health services that are the services availed by the general dental practitioners, family doctors, chemists, and ophthalmic opticians. The presence of health care in hospitals or also in the community health services, for instance, services availed by the midwives, clinics, and health visitors. The Family Health Services can be used interchangeably with Primary care services (Dougherty, Lister, and West-Oram, 2013 pg. 13-50)

. In Secondary care, the NHS trusts and hospitals have inherited a non-comparable collection of hospitals that have been adapted into the system.&nbsp.&nbsp.The Hospital’s Plan of 1962 was defined about this and also subsequent planned on taking into account of the alternating distribution of the population, and also the developments in medical science (Peate, 2010 pg. 107-150). Most of the people reached the hospital via referral, but emergency and accident departments were under the NHS Direct call.&nbsp.&nbsp.All the services were provided by the NHS trusts, and increasingly the foundation trusts increased its responsibilities, and freedom of actions.&nbsp.&nbsp.The NHS would work within the legal framework that would lay down particular quality, financial, or partnership requirements. and there was more than one hospital NHS’ trust. The trusts would also avail services to the community via health centers, in peoples’ homes or clinics. The trusts would merge, with each other of the similar nature or&nbsp.expounded services, for instance, an acute hospital trust would take on the community health services.&nbsp. Over 300 or the Trusts are running the community and hospital services. the numbers are changing with restructuring or mergers (White, 2010 pg. 45-69).

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 National Health Service
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