Narcotics in the 3rd world.

 It is a well known fact that Colombia is the only country in the world where the three main plant based illegal drugs are produced in significant amounts and it is involved in illegal drug production, international smuggling and marketing. In the 1980s Colombia became the largest cocaine producer in the world and in the 90s it also became the largest coca grower nation. Additionally, it is also said to produce and supply the major share of heroin consumed in the USA and exports illegal marijuana.

In the past few decades illegal drug production and trafficking in Colombia has signed the country’s history. In fact it can be said that in no other country in the history of the world in this illegal market of drugs has had so dramatic social, political and economic effects. The lack of proper policy system to control this market has been a major drawback in Colombia and has contributed greatly to changes in institutions and values.

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Narcotics in the 3rd world.
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This market has been used to generate funds for left and right wing armed actors of the indefinite war experienced in the country (Thoumi, 2002). These are some of the major reasons that Colombia drug system is so unstable compared to the other countries. Drug-trafficking capital continues to exercise substantial power and influence in Colombia and internationally. This is mainly because Colombia is able to meet its need for raw materials to be processed into psychoactive substances for which there is a demand in world markets (Vargas, 2000).

Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan form the Golden Cescent countries. Golden Triangle countries include Laos, Thailand and Myanmar and these are the regions responsible for the majority of opium, heroin and cocaine production. In fact though these groups financed their needs through drug production and trafficking, they cannot be compared to the Colombia market.

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