My pet dog. discussion 1

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 My pet dog.

 This essay is about my pet dog. I d him Tim. He is a nine month old puppy and he belongs to the breed of daschund dogs. He has an elongated body and short legs. He looks like a walking, sausage dog. He is dark brown in color and has a thick coat of soft, velvety fur. His body is soft and warm and he makes a good, cuddly pet. He loves strong odors and will chew up slippers, shoes and anything else that smells. He is as curious as a cat and will sniff out any source of odor within minutes.

There are mice in my house and I used to put out rat poison at corners for the rats but have stopped doing so after Tim came into my life. I was afraid that Tim would savor the poison instead of the mice. I removed the vermin poison and substituted them with mouse traps instead. I hide the traps in places where Tim cannot reach them as he would be that curious as to do himself harm by investigating these mouse traps.

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 My pet dog. discussion 1
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 My pet dog.
A dog pet

Tim is a noisy dog. He barks easily at provocation. He barks at strangers who come up to my gate. His bark is worse than his bite. He sounds intimidating but he has never bitten anyone before. The postman tells me that he has butterflies in his stomach when he sees Tim running up to him with his fierce bark.

Tim sleeps on a comfortable rug placed at the foot of my doorway just outside my front door. He loves to sleep. Whenever I see him napping on his rug, I am reminded of the adage, let sleeping dogs lie. I will let him sleep for as long as he wants for when he is awake, he is very active and I seldom get a moment of peace and quiet.

 My pet dog.
essay on my pet dog

Tim has the liberty of playing in the garden whenever he likes. He plays by himself and he loves to play everywhere. Tim behaves as though all the world is his playground. Sometimes, I have to tell him to mind his manners when the playing gets rough and out of hand. Tim loves playing with moving objects the best. He is as playful as a young puppy can be.

He will chase butterflies and birds. I enjoy playing catch with him because he has the wild stag’s foot and catches the ball as quickly as I can throw it. Sometimes, he chews up the newspapers before I can collect them early in the morning. I get really angry when this happens. I can see that Tim understands my mood when I see the torn newspapers. His tail is down and he looks at me ever so wistfully as if to plead forgiveness for destroying the newspapers. I always forgive him. I blame myself for allowing him the opportunity to grab at the newspapers before I collect them.

 My pet dog.
Happy puppy dog smiling on isolated yellow background.

So I installed a special mail box that has a cylindrical tube especially for delivering newspapers. Tim now barks at the newspaper delivery man. He is frustrated that he cannot get at the newspapers to chew. I have bought a big, juicy looking rubber bone for his chewing pleasure. Tim likes his new bone and spends his free time gnawing at it. I think he is puzzled that although he tries hard, he cannot get at the real organic matter of the bone to enjoy it. Sometimes, he growls in frustration at his bone.

I am reading Arden’s book to train Tim. Arden emphasizes dog-friendly training methods. (Arden 4). Tim certainly responds better to gentle teaching by rewarding good behaviors than by negative punishment of undesirable behaviors. He loves dog treats and is eager to please when he knows that he will get a dog biscuit as his reward. His eyes shine brightly and his mouth drools after his first biscuit as he anticipates more biscuits to come. I enjoy training sessions with my pet dog.

I love my dog Tim. I hope to care for him as best as I can to ensure that he enjoys longevity with me.

Works Cited.

Arden, Audrea. Dog-Friendly Dog Training. USA: Howell Reference Books, 1999.

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