My personal Future plan. 

Personal plan affiliations Personal plan My utmost strength is my commitment to solving challenging situations and issues presented before me. My educational background and life skills have also equipped me with the relevant skills to handle stressful situations. It is essential for a successful career in engineering. The ability to make informed decisions and to maintain a positive attitude towards my career and activities are some of the skills. Other than the skills acquired through education, I have developed skills by maintaining constructive social interactions. Some of these skills include honesty, punctuality, desire to learn and the ability to lead. My educational background and these skills ensure that I have the analytical abilities to address issues that arise along my career. I am passionate about science, and it will ease my fitting into the Engineering department.

The engineering department needs employees that are thinkers, adore teamwork and are effective communicators. Given the commonly large workload in these departments, employees should be organized so as to save time in duty execution while achieving efficiency.

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My personal Future plan. 
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Through my skills, I can develop reliable and dependable communication skills that would facilitate a peaceful coexistence with other employees. Effective communication is essential to an organization’s performance, and I can facilitate it through developing relevant presentation tools. My ability to interact with others will also ensure that we can work together with my colleagues in developing efficient coordination.

Though I am an active team player, I possess the initiative to perform on personal tasks while ensuring that deadlines are met. In handling meetings, the opinion of every individual count and with this skill, I will influence fellow employees. My initiative is developed through confidence and the interest to challenge my abilities in achieving required success. The engineering department needs reliable individuals, and the flexibility I have ensures that I am available whenever the organization needs my services. I am also highly organized, a critical factor to the success of any engineer and employees in the department.

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