My learning experience.

Much attention is paid to the fact, that the enterprises which implement corporate social support achieve bigger dividends than those who are not attentive to this side of the public activity. Due to these facts, corporate social responsibility achieved much popularity for the last years and is widely practiced by both the authorities and workers. The next point of my analysis is the division of the article into several parts. My article contains the description of three main parts: the process of implementation of corporate social responsibility, the examples of companies which support this process, the participation of public authorities in it. After the division of the article into three main parts, I do the thorough analysis of each of them.

The process of implementation of corporate social responsibility depends on the level of activity and imagination of the enterprise. The actions of the members of the team and working staff constitute fifty percent of the success. Thus, the main task of corporate social responsibility is to provide the comfortable working and living conditions for those who are involved in the functioning of the enterprise and their investments in the outdoor problems. Volunteering is one of the best ways to help others and raise the prestige of the company. For this reason, a lot of employees think over such strategies as education and knowledge (assistance to local school children with literacy), investments into the projects of environmental protection, providing child obesity charity, employment packages, free language workshops, and so forth. The ethical attendance of the members of the enterprises into these projects provides them high popularity among the customers and good relations with them.

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My learning experience.
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Further on, I concentrate my attention on the second point of my plan – the examples of companies, which support corporate social responsibility.

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