My Fathers Life by Raymond Carver.

Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question: My Fathers Life by Raymond Carver. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. His mother felt the need for change and so to upgrade him from their not so good financial background, sent him off to a school in San Francisco, where he was to put up with an aunt while attending a public school since she could not afford him the luxury of studying in a private school.

The Second World War broke out while my father was still in school, and like most of his friends and all young strong and loyal men of the day, he was drafted into the army to fight for the cause of the nation he believed in. There, he drove an ambulance though his preference was to fight in the front line. He could penetrate war fields and employ skills and extraordinary tactics in missions to rescue injured soldiers, and once, he almost got himself killed when the ambulance he was driving was bombed by an enemy tanker missile while on a rescue mission to save the life of some seriously injured colleagues. His friends said that his clever wit survived him through the war.

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Immediately after the war, my father returned to Connecticut and decided to settle there. He later met my mother, a shy strong girl from Jamaica, with a large dose of innocent and a tremendous appetite. My father always said that he fell for her because of that gigantic appetite. They got married in a local church and were blessed with two kids: my sister and I. We grew up fast and all took after their father’s strength and an outgoing character.

As a young couple, my parents loved bowling and so they spent most of their spare time together on the game. My father liked partying a lot, and I can recall once my mother referring to him as a ‘party animal’ after he came home drank after a night of partying and playing cards with his friends. He worked hard though, and he always had two jobs going, at a minimum, all the days of his youthful life. For example, I remember he took a job as a factory worker for eight hours every day and then took a four-hour break then reported for another job in an apartment store for another six hours. Despite the heavy responsibility of supporting his young wife and the kids, he managed well enough and placed us in good private schools and at the same time affording himself a good and exciting life. He loved baseball and at one point he trained a local club which never did too well anyway. My mom once told me that after my sixth birthday, dad thought that I was old enough to know the game and so he took me along for a trial on the league. Mum came along to watch her men play. She recalls that the ball came to me and as I struggled to concentrate on the ball so hard that I missed and it hit me on the face, right between my eyes, I was so embarrassed. He was a good father and had time for the kids, taking them swimming twice every week and for ice cream every Sunday afternoon. They would take the ‘wife’ along once in a blue moon just to keep the whining away for lack of due attention from the hubby.

Sometime in her late thirties, in his late forties, one of my father’s friends offered him the chance to cruise on a cruiser leaving Florida to the island. My father’s wish has always been to be able to support his family without having to rely on either loan or on borrowing from the family.&nbsp.

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