Multiple Measures Evaluations Models

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Even though evaluations have become more closely linked to student achievement, some instructors have called for a more rounded approach to teacher evaluations so many school districts have selected the use of multiple-measure teacher evaluations. Many times, these evaluation models continue to observe at student accomplishment analyses, but also consider numerous other sources, the use of multiple indicators and causes of evidence of student learning, of variety of kinds, gathered at multiple points, within and across subject areas such as classroom observations and student and parent perceptions.

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Multiple Measures Evaluations Models
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What counts as a measure?

Multiple measures are accountable as extensive use of performance assessments and the inclusion of local evidence that are achievable in large-scale assessment systems. Through reviews of such systems, using auditing independent reviews of the assessment system and moderation, both reliability and comparability can be established. Two ways can be applied First, what counts as a measure? Second, how are the multiple measures of assessments combined?

Examples of multiple measures systems 

Used of multiple measures can be successfully recorded some examples are, developing for the use with multi-lingual, multi-cultural populations, to assess progress in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Using a structured format, the teacher regularly observes and describes the student and her work, and attaches samples, to provide multiples sources of evidence. Student progress is summarized in writing and placed numerically on a developmental scale. In practice, there are many ways to define and apply the concept of multiple measures.

Two important reasons to use multiple measures

The first reason is that multiple measures enhance construct validity. A construct is the attribute teachers are trying to measure. Construct validity is the degree to which any score conveys meaningful information about the attribute measures the second reason for using multiple measures is that they enhance decision validity. For any particular decision, there are usually several relevant types of information, each of which could have one or more measures. Even in these cases, though, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what’s going on. Knowing the nature of the measures and the combination method in any particular application of multiple measures helps us understand the results and the value of decisions or consequences based on those results.               


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