multimedia design, china, and facebook

I need some assistance with these assignment. multimedia design, china, and facebook Thank you in advance for the help! While many people feel that this is a conservative culture, the government sees it as a way of allowing the country to remain united. Facebook is one of the social sites that have been blocked in China as part of its internet censorship strategy (Loveland, G., 2009). Facebook is one of the social sites that gained a lot of public attention in China shortly after it was released. Many citizens of China subscribed to these social sites and at the end of one year, Facebook was one of the most popular social sites. Although many people felt that Facebook would not survive the strict censorship of social sites by the Chinese government, it was not blocked until late 2009 when the government declared it as a source of moral and political disintegration of the Chinese public.

Before the blockage of Facebook, this site had proliferated among many users in society. Since China is one of the countries that have superior technology development, the public has higher access to the internet either through computers or mobile phones. It was a site that linked people together, maintained their social relations, and raised the citizens’ political awareness. Since China is one of the countries that have suppressed the assertiveness of the people, people found Facebook as one of the weapons of political activism. Together with Twitter, the sites were used to discuss political issues on Facebook. The youths were particularly engaged in the political agendas in China. Although the government consistently warned of abuse of social media, the Chinese citizens found it a fairground to launch political campaigns.

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multimedia design, china, and facebook
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For instance, it was used during political strikes to spread information on political issues. For instance, in 2008, the Xinhua News Agency in China reported that the internet had to be blocked to avoid the coordination of protesters in western China. In this case, the government shut down the internet in all regions of China to ensure that the Chinese population did spread rumors over the strike. It was a strategy for the government to control the spread of information which often fuelled protests in China (Kotenko, 2013). Later in 2008, China reported having blocked Facebook on grounds that the social site did not comply with the law of China on internet content.

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