MSc Programe and project management.

The PPM course is seen as an opportunity for me to put myself ahead of the increasing demand of the project and programme management job market. By putting myself a step ahead of the requirements of the job market, I can be assured that I will become what employers and project owners are looking for. But this striking vision needs to be nurtured and started somewhere and that is the course being applied to.

Apart from the outstanding benefits I will derive from the course, one other reason that makes me prefer PPM is the fact that nature of the course matches who I am and what I have been able to achieve so far. First, I have a very good background in British education as I have successfully completed a four year BA business programme in Britain. This puts me in a better position to easily adapt to the British learning environment and requirements. Even though business studies and PPM are different, there is much similarity between the two, putting me at a better position to grabbing academic concepts very easily. For example it is common knowledge that most projects and programmes that require the expertise of project and programme managers are run by businesses. With my knowledge in business, I will therefore be able to have a very deep understanding of project owners. I can also have empathy for project managers in understanding issues of project urgency, cost saving, and quality control.

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My level of confidence expressed above as to why my background as a Business student can help me succeed with the PPM course can be backed by realistic academic abilities and achievement. For example as a Business student, I achieved very good grade in Finance, which I scored 79% and thus was graded A- in my course assignment. With my current GPA, I am confident about completing with a high 2.1 degree, which is a strong demonstration and evidence of attitude to academic work. 

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