Movie Analysis of Ender’s Game (2013).

Write 5 pages with APA style on Movie Analysis of Ender’s Game (2013). The novel is fashioned on purely speculative future invasion of the earth by an alien insectoid race referred to as ‘buggers’ (Card, 2002).The Enders Game (2013) film adaptation has combined the futuristic speculation with the current action, in which Ender Wiggins, the protagonist kid in this film ends up actually fighting and wining against the alien Formics, while he still believes that he is in the process of training. Thus, the film Enders Game (2013) is an epic science fiction film that rarely demonstrates anything of the realistic world, but rather focuses purely on scientific inventions, technologies and speculated future events that are not based on any realistic worldly happening either at present or in the past.

The film, Enders Game (2013), is science fiction film, owing to the fact that the film presents a futuristic theme of war between the planet earth and aliens from another planet, based on no realistic prediction or occurrence that would trigger such a war. One of the fundamental elements that qualify a film as a science fiction genre is the fashioning of the film based on a futuristic setting (Morse, 2006). In this respect, the film Enders Game (2013) presents the preparation of genius kids for a battle between the earth and another planet, which happens many years into the future. The alien Formic had invaded the earth previously and caused the death of millions of people, and therefore the most gifted and talented of all kids have been recruited into the battle school to be trained in readiness of fighting the next evasion that is anticipated.

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Movie Analysis of Ender’s Game (2013).
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The film Enders Game (2013) becomes an epic science fiction, owing to the fact that the course of training the kids and winning the war over the Formic aliens takes the form of training on unrealistic settings such as the zero gravity ‘battle room’ (Hood, 2013).

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