Mountain Man

Read the article and then read the questions in the word document to answer these questions, you need to write analysis a few pages about the article 4- 6 pages. I attached a sample of Analysis Case to give you an idea about what the instructor want.

Mountain Man Brewing Company

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Mountain Man
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Case Analysis Assignment

I.     Construct and complete your own case analysis for Mountain Man. This may include, but is not limited to, the following:

1.    Defining characteristics of beer industry.

2.    Competition (competitive forces, rivalries, competitive weapons).

3.    How is industry changing. What are underlying drivers of change?

4.    Key success factors for those competing in the beer industry.

5.    Competitive strength analysis for Mountain Man and others.

6.    SWOT analysis.

II.   Written Analysis.

1.     Mountain Man overview

2.     Issue Identification

3.     Analysis and Evaluation

4.     Recommendation(s) supported by case evidence

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