Motivations for ex-teacher principals of rural schools in ireland

The study of the experience of retirement will be focused on the concepts of identity, pursued activities, and the changes that are experienced by the retiree who leaves his position, especially those who leave at a younger age level.

The purpose of this study is to see if a hypothesis often advanced in the literature on retirement, in general, applies to teacher principals in retirement in Eire. The inquiry will determine if there are relationships between life satisfaction and motivations for retirement, forced or voluntary retirement, early or on time retirement, planning, and preparation for retirement and the number and types of activities in retirement, health, marital status, and income.

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Motivations for ex-teacher principals of rural schools in ireland
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The proposal consists of an example of the first three chapters of the dissertation, preparing theoretical frameworks and suggesting the type of data that will be collected. The methodology will be examined as well as an overview of the relevant literature. The study of teaching principals who have applied for or are experiencing retirement allows for the researcher to understand something of the experiences that teaching principals have had during the time in their profession, as well as the reasons for leaving that position to seek retirement.

The literature review will explore the motivations of retirement after discussing the nature of the career of teaching principals. The purpose of the literature review is to produce a background for understanding the way in which the principals who will be interviewed for their experiences as retired or who will be retired are framed against the current literature.

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