Motivational statement.

 Motivational ment The opportunity given by the United s to be enlisted in the US Navy for seven years now is a blessing I know I can share through upholding its bedrock principles and core values of honor, courage and commitment. I have always been intrigued by the interrelated concepts and dimensions that influence the holistic development of Navy personnel. It is a field of endeavor with vast opportunities and challenges which can shape and direct ways to sailors’ skills to prepare them for future American naval service.

I am focused and dedicated to the pursuit of being commissioned as a Navy officer to take on greater challenges and responsibility. My ultimate goal is to be an instrument of change to the development of sailors and hone them into future naval officers. The US Navy is one of the most prestigious institutions which can accord a multi disciplinary approach to the development of navy and marine corps. I am optimistic in learning various principles of leading and motivating navy personnel to enable me to devise innovative methods which would be more effective in improving educational methodologies and instructions. I would like to be given the opportunity to share the theoretical and practical applications of the US Navy to a variety of navy and marine personnel.

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Inasmuch as the US Navy would accord me with the much needed skills to make me an efficient and effective instrument of knowledge. I, too, if given the opportunity, would like to relate an ample share of what I have learned to those under my future governance. It has always been my dream and long-term goal to position myself as a leading Navy officer to help others in confronting challenges in their future naval service. By being commissioned as a Navy officer, I would finally integrate my diverse leadership and motivational acumen to affiliated careers in marine endeavor. This would eventually fulfill my promise to return the generosity accorded by highly professional governmental service institutions like yours by unselfishly sharing the expertise I earned.

Personally, I believe I have the innate skills, utmost dedication, exemplary mental abilities, highly disciplined, unquestionable integrity and pure conviction to delve into this field of endeavor. My previous educational and work experiences fuelled my desire to explore matters pertaining to naval service, human resources intricacies, navy and Marine Corps based participation and correspondences.

A childhood dream. A good opportunity. A desired profession. A prestigious governmental service institution. All of these elements interplay to continue another chapter in my journey through life. I chose to be commissioned as a potential officer of the US Navy just for one reason – and for one reason alone, excellence. The naval profession emphasizes justice, equality, fair play. Only a pursuit of excellence can rationalize my intent. I know, as the desire and the drive in me is kept aflame, I am convinced that I am only one step away from reaching my dream. If given the opportunity to lead, I know that I would be able to be of service to this country by upholding the ideals this institution stands for. Honor, courage, commitment has been the core values I continue to adhere to. The US Navy would continue to inculcate the necessary ingredients to hone me into a professional naval officer, genuinely loving and sharing my craft. I am humbly seeking for evaluation of my credentials to assess my eligibility for commissioning as a US Navy officer I truly strive to pursue.

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