Motivation profiles 

There are still more theories that define social experiences as shaping individual motivation through symbolic representation and need for belonging. When the Biological Theory of Motivation is applied to Ella’s behavior, her desire for promotion is viewed as instinctive or involuntary. Job performance is explained by the genetic code that she has received from her parents and grandparents. Personality traits are responsible for the way she works or follows through on job related tasks. Innate or instinctive needs for food, clothing and shelter also influence her desire to achieve and maintain suitable employment. Beyond the basic needs, career success depends largely on suitability of the career to individual personality. For instance, if Ella likes to work with numbers and perform tasks in a more solitary environment, she may choose to work as an accountant or laboratory researcher. According to Buss(1999), “the desire to pass on our genes may provide the motivational forces for such things as love, romantic relationships, attraction and marriage” (Complete Psychology, ppt). If that is the case, Ella will also desire to pass on Motivation at Work 2 her passions or career interests to her offspring. Based on the Biological Theory, some of Ella’s family members such as parents, grandparents and siblings may possess similar Personality traits, and therefore work in similar jobs. Biological theorists will not explore exposure to particular types of work or behaviors as having influence on Ella.

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Motivation profiles 
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