Motivation and employee satisfaction.

 The researcher has done the internship programme at Phoenix Ltd. where the objective of his project was motivation and employee satisfaction. Since the author worked at the HR department of the company. he was under HR Executive assisting him/her in selection and recruitment of employees, motivating the existing employees and providing them different pieces of training and development programmes. The researcher believes as work is undone without proper motivation. So, he tried to instill the same thinking among the employees by giving them prep-talks and encouraging them. The first step towards motivation started with asking them what they want out of their jobs. This meant interacting with them on a regular basis which gave the author an idea about their perspective towards their personal goals. The employees also shared their opinions about the improvement of their roles. The researcher also had to adopt a different approach to motivating employees depending on their age. The researcher had also given the task of planning different recreational activities like outdoor trips or indoor games to bring in some amount of fun to help them in getting rid of their monotonous job. Along with this, the author had to make sure that the employees were interacting with each other. He also had to plan for an office party where the employees were rewarded and appreciated according to their performances. At the party, the author also had to give them inspirational speeches to motivate them. The researcher also defined them the vision, mission, and strategies of the company. During the author’s internship period, there were also given the flexibility to choose their own working hours. This showed that the company trusts them. They even came up to the author to discuss their work-related problems. The researcher then discussed this problem with his mentor who resolved it afterward.

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