Motion Pictures Movies.

The rise of the Hollywood studio system was a critical stage of the movie industry. The Biography Company sent Griffith and his team of actors to the West Coast towards Georgia Street where they started shooting a film in the available vacant spaces. It is at this time that Griffith decided to explore Hollywood and decided to shoot one of his melodrama movies there. At the production of this film, it attracted a lot of attention and Griffith found Hollywood an interesting place to shoot his movies (Ragan 23-43). When many filmmakers found out about his venture, they decide to visit Hollywood to produce films. Another reason why most Filmmakers preferred to visit Hollywood is that they saw it as a cheap way to avoid the charges that Thomas Edison was charging them to make movies. After the world war, the more people from Europe visited Hollywood. Another transformation that occurred during the Hollywood studio system was the introduction of the use of sound in filmmaking (OBrien 43). While this was a positive change, the filmmakers who had learned about silent film lost popularity after this change.

During the era of the studio system, the filmmakers followed the Hay production code as part of the conditions of the studio production. Those who did not comply with the Hay code had to pay heavy fines. However, the studio system ended in the early 1940s when another law emerged to separate the production of films and their exhibition. The Federal antitrust action was a new law that led to the break up the studio system and paved way for individual production (Ragan 67). Secondly, technology development opened up a new era of production in the history of American movies. The emergence of the television technology encouraged many people to pursue filming individually.

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