Modern City Planning

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Modern City Planning. With more vehicles, traffic came to a lot of traffic jams. Planning from then onwards had to factor in such contingencies as eminent in many cities around the world today.

Some of the urban cities that were developed based on the modern urban planning strategies and principles include the city plan of Chicago (1909), the Linear City (1930), the Original extension of Barcelona (1859-1860), the renovation of Paris (1853-1867), the Magnitogorsk (1930) and Ville Radieuse (1933) just to name but a few. This paper will discuss the key concepts, ideologies, and physical principles employed in the city plan for Chicago (1909), Linear city (1909), and Frankfurt (1927-1928). It will also compare and contrast the three urban, cities planning ideologies, concepts, and physical principles.

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Modern City Planning
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The Plan of Chicago is among the most famous and documented modern urban, city plans that factored in the modern concepts, ideologies, and physical principles. The plan is famously known as the Burnham Plan after its founding author Daniel H. Burnham. Burnham’s idea was to design a city that is beautiful that factor in the needs and aspirations of Chicagoans. As a result, he designed the city consisting of parks and wide avenues to ease the traffic flow and movement of people within the town. The design of the avenue is said to resemble the French Baroque tradition. It is also reported that the city was planned based on the principle of streets, parks, and buildings by putting in place an effective transport system that promotes ease traffic flow in the city and ensuring that there are enough parks used for recreation for the people of Chicagoans (Smith 11).

In Burnham’s endeavor to ensure that the city is beautiful and cater to the needs of its people, he undertook the initiative of making improvements to the lakefront through reclamation. Burnham was of the opinion that the lakefront belongs to the public as seen in his documentation. His ideology leads to the expansion of the park located along the lake. This offers a good environment for public recreation to the Chicagoan residents. In addition, the plan also led to the expansion of the harbor facilities along the lake (Smith 13).

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