Models for EBP.

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Models for EBP.

 EBP Stetler Model The evidenced based practice can be implemented through the application of the Stetler model. The model constitutes of five stages. The various stages are designed to enhance facilitation of decision making for organizations. This process entails the empirical evaluations of the performances of the organization. The use of evidence helps in the daily operations of organizations. The stages of the model include preparation, validation, comparative evaluation, application and evaluation. The stage helps in the identification of the weak areas in an organization.

According to Hulme (2008), the validation process helps in the determination of the credibility of the information obtained from any research carried out. The most essential requirement prior to the development of Stetler model is the compliance to the pre-set rules and regulations governing the organization. This is because these standards boost quality in service delivery and discipline in the sector. In addition, this compliance creates confidence of the stakeholders, in the organization fraternity because of the quality of service in the organization and the involvement of the organization in the assessment of the compliance of the sector to the set standards.

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Models for EBP.
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Models for EBP.
EBP Stetler Model

Organizations undergo programs tailored at offering proper training in order to have delivery of quality service. Therefore, these programs include the master plan of evaluation in the training. This is because this plan acquaints organizations with the necessary information regarding a firm’s goals. For, instance, it highlights the areas of the faculty that need evaluation.

This includes methods to be employed in the evaluation. The kinds of people to participate in the process are anchored in the plan. The action plans required to give feedback on the various inferences made with regard to boosting the quality in organizational service delivery. In addition, the Stetler model helps in the assessment of the proposal for funds for various projects, and it also helps in the submissions of research reports and the normal assessment reports.

Models for EBP.
Models for EBP.

The evaluation is important in the total quality management, the benchmarking, the restructuring and the continuous improvement of the quality of the master plan of organizational performance (Hulme, 2008). It acts as a source of primary data for internal reviewing of the efficiency of an organization. This is aimed at boosting quality in delivery of service and prompt response to non-value adding roles.

This evaluation is necessary in the benchmarking process whereby the level of performance is gauged against the external standards of quality service delivery. The Stetler model is implemented on a piece-meal basis in order to contain any shortcomings of the program before it is fully implemented. It is plausible to evaluate the results of performance with regard to the objectives and the strategic plans of a firm in order to gauge the quality of a master plan evaluation program within an organizational setting.

This plan has to identify the issues which are to be subjected to evaluation. Therefore, it is imperative to utilize an organization structure in this process. This will also ensure that all relevant factors are taken into consideration during the evaluation process. Furthermore, the individuals who are to participate in the preparation of reports and the serving of the relevant people with the reports are required.

Models for EBP.
Evidence based practices

Moreover, the people to help in the collection of data, analysis of the findings of the reports, and the setting of the ultimatums for the information collection and the analysis, and the dissemination of the prepared reports to the senior personnel are also needed. According to Bailey (2005), the plan must also include an effective communication network for the communication of the decision and recommendations on the Stetler model, made by the senior management. This network will enhance the vertical and horizontal communication in order to boost co-operation in the implementation of the plan.


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