Mixing the Ideas of Marketing Strategies.

Mixing the Ideas of Marketing Strategies.

. Marketing is often thought as something simple that can be done by anybody, and that it doesn’t take a lot to market something effectively. However, marketing is a complex and difficult science, and requires a person to be well researched in the field, and to have a good idea of what type of marketing strategy to use in what different situation. Some situations would work very well with certain marketing strategies and so forth, where other times picking the wrong marketing strategy can spell out disaster for your fledgling company.

Jessica’s marketing strategy is an interesting take for a person to jump into the marketing world. She starts off with a very earthy and grass roots campaign, asking her friends and family what they think about the idea and gathering information.

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Mixing the Ideas of Marketing Strategies.
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Marketing Strategies

Jessica’s strategy is somewhat unique, as it mixes the ideas of several of the main marketing strategies together. That being said, it includes almost no traits of market dominance, as she never mentions hoping to control the entire bridal registry market in its entirety. She never really compares herself to her competition, except that she thinks she can provide a better service than the service that is already available. In that tiny aspect, she could fit into the market challenger, as she is trying to challenge the norm for the market at the time, and providing what she feels is a new and necessary service.

The market strategy that I think best fit’s Jessica’s model is the Innovation Strategy. This is one of the more complex strategies as it relies heavily on the creativity of the person partaking in it. She is trying to innovate the previous business model that was in place, and is hoping to bring in revenue by doing so.

I think she took a good first step in partaking in a successful innovation strategy, however there are several things I would have her do differently along the way. First off, I believe that her wish to only put 10 hours of work a week into the business and make that much money is absurd. If she wants a successful business it is going to require time and effort, as well as financial risk.

If it was me, I would have her quit her job and dedicate all of her time to the business. Her husband is still working, and they would still have income. But she is going to find it hard to put in a little work as she thinks and get the results she wants. That would be my first major change to her operation. for her to dedicate more time, effort, and skills to it.

Mixing the Ideas of Marketing Strategies.
The 4 p’s of marketing

Secondly, I also think she need to put much more marketing research into this situation. What causes people to look for wedding help Where do people usually turn to She has asked close friends, but often times they are not the best help for ideas, as they often times simply agree with you, or may not represent the whole of the group was well as you should like. That would be step two, to put some research into it and get some solid data.

Thirdly, I believe she really needs to buckle down and take this seriously. She seems to have a very whimsical attitude about the whole things, and seems to think it can get done all by itself. It is going to require a lot of work, and I am not sure if Jessica understand that.

Overall, her business seems to be off to a good start, she just needs to put more work into the whole idea, and I think she will have a good business on her hands. Will it be as successful as she hopes She is the only one who can decide that by deciding how much time, effort, and work she wants to dedicate to the business.

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