Mission Statement/Purpose is:

Its a project about opening a cafe named (International House of Coffee) in Brooklyn, NY. We will be importing coffee beans from around the world. 

Mission Statement/Purpose is: 

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Mission Statement/Purpose is:
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The purpose of our project is to give opportunity to small business instead of following in the trends of corporate America. Our project is going to accomplish financial projections as reviewed by our key stakeholders while also creating jobs and opportunities for locals. We plan on providing an eco-friendly environment. Focusing on materials that are recycled and organically decomposable. We want to provide a multi-cultural experience to enhance the community diversity, creating an in-house melting pot experience. This project breaks down the steps we need to take to achieve our goals. This is an independent project not part of another program or larger project.

I need help in parts 1 and 2 for this project. 

1) High-Level Project Assumptions 

What are the assumptions on which the project is based? What 7–10 statements do you believe to be true or will become true about the project during project execution but cannot be sure at this time? 

2) Exclusions and Boundaries 

What are the boundaries of the project? To ensure that your project scope is properly constrained, identify 8–10 things that will be excluded from the project plans. What items will be not be included in the project? 


– APA format and references 

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