Military Leadership.

As the discussion stresses many of the experts are of the opinion that there should be a use of blended approach of leadership so that different tactics can be used in different kind of situations. In this way, there will be a variety of tools and tactics of leadership that can be used accordingly. In armed forces, the leaders have the opportunity to change the way of commanding people as per the circumstances so we can say that the blended leadership style will be a good or better option for the military leaders. The basic task of the leaders is to delegate the responsibility and the understanding of any activity to the most competent team members so that the whole team can work in an efficient way. Military leaders also delegate tasks to the sub ordinate experts and in most of the cases. the sub ordinates are more familiar with the task as compare to the leaders. Therefore, it will be good that military leaders may change their attitude as per the conditions.

This paper highlights that the success of the platoon may also depend upon the type of military leadership over them. The pressure and the stressed situations are very common for the armed forces. It is necessary for them to perform well in those situations. It can be easy for the forces to perform well if they have a leadership, which is also motivated, and those inspiring for them who work in any type of situation. There for the military leaders should be value sharing and the reward giving for their sub ordinates in these kinds of stressed situations. The studies suggest that the performance of platoons is also affected if the military leadership is not that much effective over them. A military leader should be visionary and directive for his platoon of soldiers because it will help him to guide the sub ordinates.

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