Mike Daisey’s American Utopia.

Mike daiseys American utopia Show Utopia is a fantasy place or an illusion of things in which everythingis perfect, idealistic and is grounded on a utopian ideology. It is can also be referred to or dismissed as naivety or utopian. Mike Daisey a performer of American utopias, the master storyteller. His show is rich in personal stories, historical digressions and philosophical ruminations. The show has curiosity of high literate levels with histories, large secrets with a small and fuzzy line where truth and fiction reign (Duda, 1245).

He is a preeminent monologist in his shows and hails in theater as a master storyteller. A rare experience to see mike doing what he likes to do best, and telling new stories about things that actually matter to, an individual’s life experiences and teachings. The show is amazing with one of the finest solo performers in the generation. His show explores how to create public spaces in which human beings act out their dreams of a better life. In the show, he takes the audience everywhere to pursue the story, from his old world and its nostalgic theme of perfection to the anarchic drug fueled excesses of a Burning man (Curtis, 97).

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He later takes the audience to the Zuccotti Park, which is the unlikeliest of the places where movement is born. Brutal police action mixed with gunplay and raving animatronic presidents together with giant dildos all are brought together to paint the landscape of the American dream. The groundbreaking monologues bring together. autobiography, journalism and high-level performance telling his hilarious and heartbreaking stories. Stories are a blend from hilarious comedies and brilliant observations that try to describe our life experiences (Duda, 1247).

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