Migration and Economic/Media Development.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Migration and Economic/Media Development. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The influx of people from rural communities to urban zones was also explained as a consequence of frustrating poverty in remote villages, thus pulled the agricultural community to urban centers to invest their labor forces in exchange for at least a minimum salary. However, this presumption of a good economy thru market and labor relations permeates the modern sector to grow capital by poaching labor from a traditional sector (Hagen-Zanker, 2008) as they were attracted by wages and differentials. Such explained the significant movement of the populace from hinterlands to urban centers. from poor countries to rich nations.

Priore (1979) meanwhile explains that migration is a result of the temporary pull factor of strong labor capital demand in the international market encourage by the status and prestige of well-paid jobs for the labor market as extolled by media institutions through companies’ features and advertisements on television, print and radio stations. Hagen-Zanker (2008) pointed that low pay jobs are considered unattractive by domestic workers and ergo, became attractive for migrants whose countries are considered as not-destination-sites for multinational investments, albeit anent uncertainty and unattractiveness of unfair labor relations in most cases. Corporations also welcome this from a value-precept because skilled labor forces from poor countries can be salaried at a lower rate and migrants sadly remain motivated to work in these low-status jobs (Hagen-Zanker, 2008). As a consequence, the migration introduced demographic changes. Such conjecture based on dual labor market theory, which focused on the pull factor, is evident in Europe and the United States.

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The world-systems theory (Wallerstein 1974) of migration, on the other hand, posit on historical bases on people’s movement. Sociologists here argue that people’s displacements due to economic developments, war, or conflict situations and disruptions redefine the economic state of these areas as well as the structural changes in macroeconomic relations since neo-colonialism sets in which tag capitalist expansion of multinationals. Capitalist expansionism has the consequential impact on mode of production and to a nation’s culture and to culture as the mode of life drastically changed with the fusion of technological advancement to human lives. Land acquisition, new capitalist agricultural technology, and establishment of manufacturing plants systematically displaced and uproot people from their economic base and ultimately change the market dynamism. This is more pronounced these days as market walls are removed due to globalization.

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