Migrant Workers to Qatar.

At the start of the century, Qatar resolved its disputes border disputes with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Owing to enormous revenues from oil and natural gas, Qatar attained the highest per capita GDP in the world as of 2007. Partly because of vast wealth, Qatar was not affected by the uprising that affected the Arab world in the 2010-2011. Doha has however supported many of these revolutions specifically in Libya and Syria. In 2013, Hamad stepped down and left power to Tamim bin Hamad his son aged 33 in a peaceful transfer of power which is uncommon in the Gulf States. Tamim has embarked on improving the welfare of Qataris in terms of healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Qatar is also on a massive expansion of infrastructure particularly in anticipation of the 2022 World Cup that it’s hosting.

The economy of Qatar is a vibrant one. Because of the vast energy reserves, Qatar boasts the highest income per capita in the world. The country also has the lowest unemployment in the world. During the financial crisis that hit the world, the government focused on protecting the domestic banking sector. This was through direct investments into the local banks. The GDP of Qatar is mostly driven by the oil and gas sector. The government policy is however focused on improving the investment in the non-energy sector although oil

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Migrant Workers to Qatar.
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and gas still contribute more than fifty percent of GDP, around 85% of earnings from exports and half of government revenues (Central Intelligence Agency, 2014). Qatar has proven oil reserves in the range of twenty five billion barrels which at the current extraction rate should last another 57 years (Central Intelligence Agency, 2014). Qatar has proven natural gas reserves in the excess of twenty five trillion cubic metres. this is the third largest in the entire world and 13% of the world’s total. Qatar was successful in winning the 2022 world cup bid

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